MB2-703 オンラインテスト-Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Customization and Configuration

様々なIT資格認定試験の短期合格のため、当社のMB2-703 資格参考問題集のオンラインテストをトレーニングしてください。正しい制作の質問と答えですけど、試験の質問の内容は最新の試験内容なんです。インターネット上では、24時間でもオンラインテストを参加することができます。過去に出題実績のある問題が大半を占めるベンダー認定試験の受験では問題の難易度かかわらず、本格的な試験問題と同一類する択一問題の演習を繰り返し実施することで、難易度の高い認定試験もスピード短期試験合格、問題集の対応資格認定が可能となっています。


A custom entity is no longer required.What should you do before deleting the entity?



You are creating a customized Solution for a conference.
Each conference attendee can register for multiple sessions, and each session can have multiple registered attendees.Attendees complete surveys after each session.Surveys have custom fields.
Which relationship type should you use between attendees and session registrations to track surveys?


You need to add a new custom entity to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM database.Which three actions can you perform to achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.


What type of relationship exists between the Marketing List entity and the Contact entity?


You are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
You plan to create an entity named Project.The Project entity will have 15 custom fields.
Which two properties can you change after you create the entity? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.


You customize the Lead entity by adding a country option set that is automatically populated for records created by a third-party website.
You map the country option set in the Lead entity to a country option set in the Contact entity.
When you create a Contact record, what happens if the option set value specified in the Lead does not exist in the Contact country option set?



When auditing is enabled, which statement about field auditing is true?



A user is editing an Account entity for the first time.The Address 1: Address Type of Account field contains four options, in this order:
Bill To
Ship To
The user deletes the Ship To and Other options, adds an option named Secondary, and then saves and publishes the record.What are the default values of the options in the record?


Which three values are valid Field Requirement property values in Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.



ou need to ensure that only the fields displayed on a specific form appear in Advanced Find search results.In which element should you define the Searchable property?



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