MB5-705 オンラインテスト- Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementations



You are a project manager, and you use Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step for implementations of Microsoft Dynamics products for your customers.
Your customer’s major stakeholders identify significant changes that will increase the scope of a project. Which two risk response strategies for the project definition update should you use? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution, Choose two.)


Which document should you use to manage project deliverables?


You are a project manager.
You find that the personnel in the Human Resources department are new and not experienced in project work.You need to manage the project resources to accommodate the lack of project experience in the project.What should you do?


You are a project manager, and you use Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology to manage projects.You need to ensure that quality assurance is part of a project that you are managing.Which item should you include as part of the project?


As a project manager, you need to incorporate a change request into the project.
Which two tasks must be completed to correctly handle this request when you use the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution.Choose two.)


Which activity is a precondition for communication management?


Which statement is an objective of solution envisioning?


You are performing a new Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation for a customer who has 10 users.The customer does not want to use customizations or independent software vendor (ISV) solutions.Which project type should you use to deliver the implementation?


What is an objective of diagnostic preparation?


Which two activities are included in the Diagnostic phase? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution.Choose two.)


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